Amateur Radio Group 470               For All Licensed Ham's                          145.470 / 118.8

The 470 ARG was formed to bring all licensed amateurs together once a week to say hello and to join in on topics and discussions pertaining to amateur radio and current affairs... it was started at the Ten Tec Hamfest in 2007 among several who always got together in several states to rag chew and find out how each was doing.,then was actually started in November of 2007 on a weekly basis. The original group, Rick Sr, Russell, Boyd, Ray, Tony, Bo, John and Jose, Burt,Clyde,Dallas and Tim, thought this would be a great to be able to bring all together and thanks to the repeater owner Tim Berry , WB4GBI ,it has progressed into a weekly net that has had as many as 127 check in's and went over 4 hours in one net..Its a Net and time of the week when everyone is able to join in, in a family type environment, and just have fun and talk to each other..

Since the beginning we have helped old and new ham's, helped in emergencies, brought 3rd party traffic on board so that hopefully we could help that person become a ham, a discussion area where we talk about amateur radio, antenna's,anything amateur radio related, and topics on current affairs, we always start off with a Invocation, then we go to check  in's, starting with mobile, handheld and those on emergency power, then open it up for base stations, We have a question of the week we ask all who check in, just for fun, we do a listings portion after check in's, for those who have Ham  equipment for sale or trade or if someone is looking for  a piece of equipment, Announcements , and then at 9:00 pm we go to Trivia with Danny and Charlie, this goes to 10:00 pm  when topics are welcome..

We have a family style net, its for all, so hope that you will come and join us if you never have and if you have please come back, your always welcome on the 145.470 repeater with a tone of 118.8, high above Cross Mountain TN, about 20 miles north from Knoxville Tn. This repeater covers TN, KY, VA, GA, and NC and further from time to time.The repeater  is owned by Mr Tim Berry  WB4GBI.. you can check out the website to the 470 and all others at,

Net Controls: Rick Sr., Danny and Charlie, if you wish to be a net control you can contact me at the information listed below.

About the 145.470
  The 145.47 was Tim's first repeater, which went on the air for the first time on September 17,  1981. The picture you see here is the actual 145.47 repeater when it was located at Tim's home, before it went to its first location atop View Park Hill (the present 145.17 site) in November 1981.  The equipment you see is General Electric "Progress Line" tube -type equipment. The repeater was a "prog-line" receiver and transmitter with a home-brew control board and diode-matrix ID'er. From View Park,  it has been located on House Mountain,  Bluff Mountain (near where 146.94 is now),  and "Top-of the-World"  (the present 146.625 site). After the GE progress line equipment was retired, the 145.47 repeater sported a GE Master Pro solid state receiver and a Motorola VHF exciter/PA combination. In 2005, Tim took the repeater off the now 146.625 site and completely rebuilt the repeater, using a factory-stock GE Mastr II repeater that you see in the above pictures.  Here's a link to the NEW 145.47 history page! Click here.       After the rebuild.... and after receiving the SERA coordination, Tim was finally able to relocate the 145.470 machine to its long awaited home on top of Cross Mountain. For a long time, it has been obvious that this location was perfect for a repeater.  As a matter of fact, Tim originally did attempt to locate a machine there back in the 1980's, but for one reason or another it just wasn't to be.  Now however, that the dream has finally been fulfilled.
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If you have any questions about the net, please contact N4JTQ at [email protected] Rick Sawaya Sr.
73 and God Bless You and God Bless America
The 470ARG is the ownership & property of Tim Berry WB4GBI, Rick Sawaya Sr and the Founders of the group........Copyright 2016   Rick Sawaya Sr N4JTQ